Cut Flowers - Fresh cut flowers from local farms and garden. 

Hand-tied Bouquet - Celebrate and put a smile on someones face with our fresh hand-tied bouquets.

Floral Box / Basket - Enjoy a carefully designed arrangement filled with color and life.



Specialized just for you.

Corporate Events/Event Producing.

Event Styling - We collect pieces of insights and vision of a client or brand through careful consultation. We consider styling the events as a creative collaboration between a client's and our aesthetic vision.

Bridal Shower- Centrepieces, Decor, Flower Bars.

Birthdays- Centrepieces, Decor, Flower Bars


Baby Shower- Centrepieces, Decor, Flower Bars

We meet with you and see the theme of your parties, the color pallet,  flower selection, and decor, from there we make sure we make all your dreams come true!






Wedding Producing - The wedding producing service. It is crucial to have each wedding has its own theme, just for each individual couple. We will help you discover what your wedding style is and build it together.

Wedding Decoration - We design every detail of your wedding with carefully selected natural flowers with our expertise. 

Bridal Bouquet - Every bride is unique. We try to capture the bride's personal insights and style through consultations. 


Destination Wedding - We travel across the globe to make your wedding special!